Heartwood Free Range Poultry

Heartwood Poultry is based at High Carlingill Farm, a small family run hill farm with three quarters of a mile of the River Lune passing through it. It has 105 acres of land of which 6 are in the “heart wood”, the iconic heart-shaped woodland clinging to the Howgill Fells near Tebay.
Under the stewardship of renowned poultry farmer David Knipe, all of Heartwood’s chickens and ducks are free to roam under the shadow of the heart wood. The birds are reared on a pure vegetation diet at a slower rate than mass-reared birds and their food miles can be measured in a matter of meters rather than miles. Mature free range chickens from Heartwod typically reach 12 to 16 weeks, in contrast to the 5 week average for factory-farmed birds.
The impact of these high animal welfare conditions on taste and texture is remarkable and with birds naturally reaching weights of almost 4kg they are more than capable of providing a memorable family meal as an alternative to a roast joint.

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Size: 4kg/each
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