What is A Day's Walk?

A Day’s Walk is an online shopping and daily (well 6 days a week, we all need a day off!) home delivery service that offers all the convenience of the supermarkets -with one massively important difference. Every item we stock comes from a local farmer, grower, producer or business within A Day’s Walk of your home. So its fresh, clocks up next to no food miles, is often made in small batches or is seasonal - and crucially it’s some of the finest food and drink in the land. Every time you shop with us you support the local economy, you’re kinder to the environment and every home delivery reaffirms your special connection with this beautiful place, its people and its traditions.

Lakeland is our Larder. Make it yours too.

Genuinely Local

One evening back in 2018 I dropped into my local Lakeland supermarket. I was greeted by a floor to ceiling banner proclaiming that it now stocked local beers, part of its mission to support local producers and the local economy. The picture on the banner was of the head brewer from a brewery in Burnley. I was in Ulverston.

If someone delivers bread baked in Preston to me in Ambleside, how many” local” bakers do they drive past on the way? What does local actually mean to them, to you and me?

A Day’s Walk is our way not of redefining local, but more of referencing a simpler time in days gone by when “local” was easier to understand. People would describe somewhere as “no more than a days walk from here” to demonstrate that it was reachable and therefore within their economic and social sphere. As a result it played a part in their lives and their local economy. The local market was often at the centre of the imperfect circle drawn by the day’s walk circumference and you could trace all the produce you bought back to the local farmer or producer. You probably knew members of their family or others in their social circle. Any further than a day’s walk was out of the neighbourhood, part of a different community sphere.

Transport advances, distribution hubs, preservatives, big scale production – all have served to distort the meaning of local since then. Supermarkets are famous of stretching the boundaries of local to their limits! But in these days when it’s more important than ever to support your local economy, to reduce food miles, to know where your food comes from and what goes into it - we need to be clear what GENUINELY local means. For us, if it comes from within A Day’s Walk its local, because Lakeland is our Larder!

The Sneath family, founders of A Day’s Walk