Freedom Chocolate

Making artisan chocolate since 2017, Freedom Chocolate offers a chocolate that is as ethically conscious as it is luxurious in taste. Each bar is crafted by hand from start to finish and personally blended by our Chocolate Artisan Simon, hand tempered across a granite slab using traditional hand techniques, before being hand wrapped in eco friendly packaging. All our flavours are made using minimal, high quality, ethically sourced ingredients, with our raw cacao sourced from slave free small farmers cooperatives in Peru.
Our recipes are all free from all Top 14 allergens, meaning they are as suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers as they are for all good chocoholics.

Voted one of the nation’s best 11 Vegan Chocolate Bars by The Independent in 2020, our chocolate is available in a variety of standard and infused flavoured bars. Freedom Chocolate is a luxury chocolate for all to enjoy!