Bay Distilleries

Bay Distilleries started when Chris and Jonathan came to the conclusion that with Jonathan’s experience in the brewing industry and Chris’s experience in chemical engineering, they could take over the world, or at least make a fine Gin that they would love to drink on well, every occasion. They pooled their savings and bought a tiny 1 litre still and started developing flavours on Chris’s kitchen table. After some questionable but still drinkable beginnings, they discovered a particularly delicious flavour combination of 3 peels, Grapefruit, Orange and Lime which feature in all their Gins and give a familiar feeling across the range. They were eventually evicted from the kitchen and set up in ‘The Old Piggery’ a 17th Century two story Barn in Burton-on-Kendal where they scaled up their operation in “Cockles” their Copper Pot Still.

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